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What kind of names are accepted at

Date Added: 18th Mar 18 14:19:30

Please note that we accept current (unexpired) .com domain names that largely meet the following criteria


 1) The domain name can be used for ‘business’ – it can be a used for product name, business name itself or a service.

 2) The business where the name can be used for should have sufficient scope – it should be large enough that the business can survive of its own. The business should have variety of audience and not have a restricted/limited scope. Most submitted domains come short on this criteria.

 3) The name should be pronounceable unless it is a 4 letter (4L) or a known abbreviation or a close variation. The test of this if you tell the name to someone, can they spell it out right.


 We avoid listing names


 1) That are 'based of' trade names or established businesses.

 2) Having numbers unless it is part of commonly used verbiage e.g, would be acceptable.

 3) Having Multiple substitutions in word(s).

 4) Having hyphens

 5) Having international characters

 6) Having Geo/Regional/City/Country specificity


 Please review existing names on our site to get a better understanding of names we accept. If you feel that your submitted name should be reviewed again, please do not hesitate to contact us by creating the ticket.



Note: The names that are not approved are removed from system within 24 hours.

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