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What is Domain Sales Process?

Date Added: 16th Aug 16 03:35:25

The sales process at goes through following

  1. Buyer initiates the buying process by clicking on ‘Buy’ button
  2. Seller is notified by email and asked to confirm domain availability
  3. Buyer selects escrow method (
  4. Seller internally transfers the domain at the current registrar to escrow account
  5. transfer administrator initiates transaction
  6.'s transfer administrator tracks the progress of the domain transfer and marks the domain transfer as ‘Complete’ and domain is marked Sold. If for some reason transaction is incomplete, then seller is given back the domain. Either way, seller is guaranteed of funds or domain name.
  7. After successful sale, seller requests funds from 'Account Overview' page (seller has option to cash out Lysted days while requesting funds)
  8. Seller is paid through Paypal (Currently we send payment through Paypal only).



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