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Domain Status

Date Added: 16th Aug 16 03:17:21

Domains can have following status

  1. Pending
  2. Approved
  3. Published
  4. Checked out
  5. Pending sale
  6. Pending Transfer
  7. Sold
  8. Rejected
  9. Not Available


Pending: Domain has been submitted. We make every effort to take a decision on acceptance of the domain within 48 to 72 hours.


Approved: Once the administrator has approved the domain, it will be marked ‘Approved’.


Published: When the domain is approved, you will have option to edit the price of the domain. The minimum price of the domain on is $500. If the whois of the domain has been verified then the domain will be marked Published. Only published domains are visible to the buyers.


Checked out: When a prospective buyer clicks on ‘Buy’ and confirms his/her email address, then the domain is marked ‘checked out’. In this status, domain is not published on the site and is not available for purchase by another buyer.


Pending sale: Once the seller confirms that domain is still available, then the domain is marked ‘Pending Sale’.


Pending Transfer: Once the transfer process has started, it is marked ‘Pending Transfer’


Sold: The domain is marked ‘Sold’ when the transfer is complete and transaction is considered complete.


Rejected: Domain that not approved by Administrator is marked Rejected. User has option to remove the domain from dashboard.


Not Available: When buyer clicks on ‘Buy’ button, after buyer confirmation, system email is sent to buyer to confirm availability of the domain. If the seller indicates domain is not available, then the domain is marked ‘Not Available’.



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