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Credits and Views

Date Added: 16th Aug 16 03:13:02

You can position your domain by allocating the credits for

  • Keywords
  • Categories

When you add the keywords/categories, you will see what position it will be displayed. Note: There are 20 results on each page.


By means of credits, you control the position and life of the domain. Every domain is allocated 500 credits which is equivalent of 500 views. Only following count towards credits

  • Keyword search
  • Category search

Following views do not count towards credits

  • Circles
  • Pattern search
  • Similar search
  • Direct Landing pages

Any views while any seller is logged are not recorded.


The credits and views can be viewed using the ‘Credits tab’ and ‘Views’ tab respectively and this data can be exported as well.


Credits - Summary


Credits - Details


Credits - Export




Credits - Graphical


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